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On-Stream-Inspection (OSI)
On-Stream-Inspection (OSI)

Areas of application

The on-stream inspection (OSI) by radiographic examination on the basis of digital image files or X-ray films is used to detect the residual wall thickness, applied erosion (erosion) or corrosion. Also overview radiographs can be created with this method (shadow shots) for the detection of fittings or attachments in non-accessible areas.

The method is mainly used in industry, such as in plants, equipment and vessels in shipbuilding, pipeline, power plant equipment and in chemical plants.

Our Service

We carry out the process with mobile laboratory vehicles in your works and construction sites, as well as stationary at our own locations.

Portable test objects from a few grams to several tons. can be irradiated in the company's own X-ray rooms.

In use are radiation sources (e.g., iridium (Ir) 192, selenium (Se) 75) and X-ray systems, which meet the most stringent security requirements. This service is available in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.