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Stationary Hardness Testing (HT)
Stationary Hardness Testing (HT)

a)Stationary hardness testing

Hardness is the mechanical resistance of a material, which it opposes the mechanical penetration of a harder test body. Hardness is one of the properties of a material and can be represented in different values, for example: in Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell hardness.

Our hardness testing devices are calibrated according to Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers and suitable for larger series.

Mobile Hardness Testing (HT)
Mobile Hardness Testing (HT)

b) Mobile hardenss testing

Areas of application

Our UCI devices have HV1 (10N), HV5 (49N) and HV10 (98N) probes and are therefore suitable for the standard tests.

For thin-walled components or thin sheets we offer the hardness testing using the TIV method.

The method is mainly used in industry, such as in plants, equipment and vessels in rolling mills, shipbuilding, pipeline, power plant facilities, foundries, forges, car designs, and in the chemical plants.

Our Service

We carry out the process with mobile laboratory vehicles in your works and construction sites as well as stationary at our own locations.

This service we offer worldwide.

Our staff is qualified and has years of experience with a variety of materials and components.