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Our goal is to ensure quality

In order to provide you with the highest level of quality, we work with state of the art techniques and the latest regulations. Project-based testing instructions are written by our experienced level 3 quality assurance supervisors and test engineers with regard to the respective tasks.

As a service provider with a strong focus on service, customer satisfaction is an important indicator of our work for us.

In evaluations by the well-known clients, we regularly achieve top ratings and are therefore identified as preferred supplier. On request we will gladly provide evaluations available.

Internationally recognized and operational

Our accreditation according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, SCC ** certification and international approvals allow us to be a reliable partner in national and international matters of quality.

Always up-to-date

Through Memberships in associations, we develop current understanding of materials, processing techniques and technical developments in testing.

Core values

As an accredited and independent testing laboratory professionalism, ethics, performance and reliability determine our actions and serve to maintain high quality standards.



F-GZP membership
The F-GZP is the professional association of accredited laboratories and a member of the German Society for Nondestructive Testing (DGZIP).
With our membership, we confirm our solidarity with the ethical rules and our commitment to maintaining high quality standards.



Membership DGZfP
We actively participate in the process of knowledge creation as a cooperative member of the DGZFP (German Society for Nondestructive Testing).



Membership VGB
As a strategic partner of the power industry and operators, we are a promoting member of the association of the large power plant operators VGB.


We train!
As a future-oriented company, we are involved, of course, in the education of our youth.