Test Procedures


PELZ Ultraschallprüfung UT

Ultrasound Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic testing is applied to detect defects in the volume of materials and welded joints.

PELZ Durchstrahlungsprüfung RT

Radiation Testing (RT)

This method which is also referred to as X-ray testing is applied to detect faults and/or features in the volume of cast structural elements or welded joints.

Virtuelle Inspektion VT

Digital Radiography (DR)

The digital radiography is used to detect defects in the volume of materials and structural element and, for example, to determine the wall thickness of insulated pipes.

PELZ On-Stream-Inspection OSI

On-Stream Inspection (OSI)

Durch die On Stream-Inspektion (OSI) mittels Durchstrahlungsprüfung anhand digitaler Bild-Dateien oder Röntgenfilme wird zum Nachweis der Restwanddicke, Auswaschungen (Erosionen) oder Korrosion angewendet.

PELZ Visuelle Inspektion VT

Visual Inspections (VT)

Surface-related quality features of products and raw materials can be evaluated by visual inspections carried out by means of various aids.

PELZ Magnetpulverprüfung MT

Magnetic Powder Testing (MT)

The MT magnetic powder testing is applied when it comes to magnetizable raw materials. Defects, up to a certain depth, can also be detected under the surface of the respective workpiece.

PELZ Eindringprüfung PT

Penetrant Testing (PT)

The PT colour penetration test which is also referred to as penetrant testing is used for the detection of fine surface defects which are not visible to the human eye.

PELZ Wirbelstromprüfung ET

Eddy Current Testing (ET)

An eddy current passes through the workpiece with the current pulse characteristic of the raw material.

PELZ Verwechslungsprüfung PMI

Confusion Testing (PMI)

In the fields of incoming goods, shipping or installation construction, the PMI is an indispensable means of preventing material mix-ups and the resulting consequences for people as well as the environment.

PELZ Härteprüfung HT

Hardness Testing (HT)

Hardness is the mechanical resistance asserted by a material against the mechanical penetration of a harder test body.

PELZ Leckageprüfung LT

Leakage Testing (LT)

We carry out the LT leakage testing (the so-called leak detection) with a wide variety of suction bells and powerful vacuum pumps on your construction sites or in your installations.

PELZ Schichtdickenbestimmung Cladding

Determination of the Layer Thickness (Cladding)

How thick is the paint layer of the steel container? Does the coating still suffice? How thick was the weld material applied during the build-up welding (armour plating or cladding)?