Radiographic Testing (RT)

PELZ Durchstrahlungsprüfung RT

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This method which is also referred to as X-ray testing is applied to detect faults and/or features in the volume of cast components or welded joints.

Depending on the respective application area and requirements, different radiation sources and X-ray films are used in the course of the testing procedure. Qualified radiation protection officers ensure that the transport operations to the place of use and the respective X-ray examination are carried out in a safe manner.

The process is frequently used in the industrial field, for example in installation, bridge, and pipeline construction, in foundries, power plants and in the chemical field.

Our services

We carry out the mobile X-ray testing for you with our mobile testing vehicles directly in your production and construction sites as well as the stationary testing at your own locations.

Transportable test objects weighing from a few grams to several tons can be irradiated in the company’s own X-ray rooms.

Radiation sources (such as Ir 192, Se75) and X-ray systems meeting the highest requirements in terms of safety are used for X-ray testing. The mobile service is available throughout Germany and the Netherlands.