On-Stream Inspection (OSI)

PELZ On-Stream-Inspection OSI

On-Stream Inspection (OSI) Fields of application

On-stream inspection (OSI) by means of radiographic testing, allows verification of the residual wall thickness. Erosion or corrosion spots can be determined by evaluation of digital image files or analog X-ray films.

This method can also be applied for the production of overview images (the so-called shadow images) for the detection of installations or add-ons in areas which are not visible.

The on-stream inspection is mainly applied in chemical installations and refineries.

Our services

We carry out the mobile on-stream inspection process with laboratory vehicles in your production and construction sites.

For this purpose, radiation sources (such as iridium 192 (IR192), selenium 75 (Se75)) as well as mobile X-ray systems are applied. This service is available in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.