Leakage Testing (LT)

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We carry out the LT leakage testing (the so-called leak detection) with a wide variety of suction bells and powerful vacuum pumps on your construction sites or in your installations. With this testing method, castings can also be tested for continuous defects (cracks, porosities).

Vacuum bells are used in particular for the leak detection in cases in which test specimens are accessible only from one side and/or in the case of open constructions (for example in the case of tank bottoms or collecting troughs).

The leak detection limit of the bubble test method which can be achieved under practical test conditions is approximately between 10–5 and 10–4 Pa*m³/s (corresponding to values between 10–4 and 10–3 mbar*l/s).

In the testing methods used with our devices, the area of the welded joint and/or of the cast surface to be examined for leaks is wetted with a foam-forming test medium.

The needed prerequisite for a successful application of the method of leakage testing is that the defects are continuously open toward the surface of the raw material. The evaluation of the indicators is carried out under daylight in conditions with more than 500 lx on the workpiece.

This method is mainly used in the industrial field, for example in installation, apparatus and container construction, shipbuilding, pipeline construction, in foundries, power plants and chemical installations.

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We carry out the LT leak test (leak detection) with a wide variety of suction cups and powerful vacuum pumps on your construction sites or in your systems. Castings can also be examined for continous faults (cracks, porosity) with this test method.

In this context, only approved test equipment meeting the highest quality requirements is used.

We offer you this service all around the globe.

Our employees are qualified and certified in the levels/levels 1–3 according to the standards ISO 9712 and ASNT-SNT-TC-1A and look back at a long-term experience with a wide variety of raw materials and components.

PELZ Leckageprüfung LT