Large-Scale New-Build Projects

Large-Scale New-Build Projects We support you during your construction project

Large sclae plant construction requires a holistic approach, when it comes to coordinating the different trades of the site. Non-destructive testing inside construcion projects take place over a longer period of time, often in the night time e.g. RT- testing. Usually to examine and maintain the quality of welded joints, screw connections, casting products and forgings.

Thanks to our long-term experience in the field of new construction as well as in the construction site equipment suitable for these tasks, such as mobile laboratory and office containers as well as test vehicles, we have the required know-how to build construction sites and installations of all kinds. As a company accredited by DAKKS and certified by SCC**, we exactly know the needed steps to meet the high requirements of the various sectors in new construction projects.

Well qualified and certified test personnel as well as safe test procedures help us to support you, when it comes to the quality control of your construction projects.


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Inspections of Installations

Be it during your daily operations or in the event of planned and unplanned business interruptions: we will offer you the ideal service tailored to your requirements.

Mobile Tests

By means of our specially equipped laboratory and emergency vehicles, we will offer you the flexibility you need. We will quickly be on site with you for the execution of all the tests you may require.

Large-Scale New-Build Projects

Would you like to be sure that your large-scale new-build project is in safe hands? We offer you holistic ZfP solutions for all your test procedures.

Series Tests

Do your project or production require the testing of large quantities by means of a specific process? No problem. We offer you the opportunity to have high delivery quantities tested within a specified time frame.

Testing, Sorting and Reworking Operations

Thanks to our experience of many years in the fields of raw material testing and quality assurance, we can guarantee you reliable testing processes as well as fast runs.

Consulting, Expediting, Quality Support

Do you need any advice in the field of non-destructive raw material testing?

Experienced test technicians and certified level 3 test supervisors offer you their support when it comes to the selection of the suitable test procedure as well as to the establishment of quality criteria.