Determination of the Layer Thickness (Cladding)

PELZ Schichtdickenbestimmung Cladding

Determination of the layer thickness Fields of application

How thick is the paint layer of the steel container? Does the coating still suffice? How thick was the weld material applied during the build-up welding (armour plating or cladding)?

By means of our most innovating device, we can prove layer thicknesses of coatings of different types (paint, armour, cladding, plastics). In this context, it should be noted that the carrier material is ferromagnetic or electrically conductive.

The determination of the layer thickness is mainly used in the industrial field, for example in installation, apparatus and container construction, shipbuilding, pipeline construction, power plants, foundries, forging, automotive and chemical installations.

Our services

We carry out the mobile procedure of the determination of the layer thickness for you by means of the laboratory vehicles in your production and construction sites as well as the stationary procedure at our own locations. We offer you this service all around the globe.

Our employees are qualified and look back at a long-term experience with a wide variety of raw materials and components.